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Families with highly capable children have many questions

about how to help their children thrive:

  • Why does my child seem different from the other children their age?

  • Will my child be challenged in school?

  • Why does my child feel things so strongly?

  • How can I help my child live up to their full potential?

  • What is gifted education?

  • Are “gifted” schools better than regular classrooms?

  • Are independent schools better than public schools?

One benefit to enrolling your child at Bellevue Discovery is becoming part of a group of parents who are also experiencing the joys and challenges of raising highly capable children. Our parents root for each other’s kids, celebrate successes, and offer each other the support that comes from being on similar paths.


Our children are outside the norm with their cognitive abilities, but they have the same need as other preschoolers to be valued for who they are. At Bellevue Discovery, your child will find peers who understand their vocabulary, who like to talk about science or create imaginary worlds, and who love to learn new things.


At Bellevue Discovery, families find a place where their children are surrounded by a village of adults who think their ideas are wonderful, their energy and excitement are positive, and their differences are something to celebrate.


While working on in-depth projects, our preschoolers create culminating events for families to view together: 

  • a gallery (example:  “Come see our imaginary germs”)

  • a parent-participation activity (example:  Bellevue Discovery Restaurant)

  • a project presentation

Project Presentation for Families:  City Day

To show their families what they learned during our City Project, the children decided to design their own businesses:  bookstore, horse riding stable, movie theater, fire station, etc. On City Day the families arrived, heading first to their own children’s storefronts to enter into the role play.


Then our families visited the other children’s storefronts, where

  • A dad learned how to put out a fire

  • A nanny agreed to be the pet store owner’s assistant

  • A group of moms asked the airline pilot to fly them to Hawaii

  • A grandfather knelt down to hear a four-year-old whisper what kinds of cupcakes she was selling


This is the kind of community we create together at Bellevue Discovery.

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