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2020-2021 Bellevue Discovery

Parent Education Program

With Ren Cedar Fuller, Bellevue Discovery's founder & education consultant

Adults only  ~  Registration required  ~ Many seminars are open to the pubic

June 2021

Designing a Summer Inquiry Project for Your Child


2-3pm, Sunday, June 27

Bellevue Discovery parents only, including our 2021-2022 families


The process, benefits & challenges of Inquiry Learning ~ Creating a home culture of inquiry

Valuing downtime and tinkering ~ Helping your child pursue a passion ~ Framing an Inquiry Project

August 2020

Helping Children Thrive

on the First Day of School

Learn effective strategies to help your child thrive when they start preschool or kindergarten.

 Learn how you can support your child’s growing independence, executive function skills and school readiness - online and in class.

September 2020

The Kindergarten Admissions Process & IQ Testing


Your goal is to find a school that is a good match for

your child, that will help your child develop their love

for learning. What is the admissions process for independent schools, and how does IQ testing work?

October 2020

Local Gifted Programs

& Writing School Applications

What are the gifted education options in Seattle and Eastside public and independent schools?

How do you let a school know your child and family would be a great fit for their community? 

November 2020


Educational Philosophies


Understanding a school’s educational approach will help you see beyond a label (public, Common Core,

Montessori, faith-based, gifted, etc.) 

 to what your child’s learning experience would truly be 

December 2020


Alumni Parent Panel

Join our alumni parents as they talk about what they enjoy and

wish were different at the schools their children attend. 

This year's panel includes BD parents whose children are now in public school gifted programs, Bush, Evergreen,

Open Window, and Seattle Country Day


January 2021

Raising Young  Gifted Children


Learn about the joys and challenges of raising young highly capable children; as Barbara Klein wrote in Raising Gifted Kids,  "You need to get the right owner's manual for parenting gifted children.  You've got a different model of child from most parents."

February 2021


Your Child's Temperament


Knowing how your child gathers energy,

relates to the surrounding environment,

and processes new learning is the key to determining 

 the kind of school that will help your child thrive 

March 2021


Kindergarten Admissions Q&A


Join Ren and our pre-Kindergarten parents to talk about the admissions process and how Bellevue Discovery parents made decisions while choosing a kindergarten for their child

March 2021


Building Executive Function Skills

We want our children to learn the self-management skills

that will help them work toward their goals.

How can we help our children gain the "tools of the mind"

they need to live up to their potential?

April 2021


Learning to Read, Learning to Write

Learn how young children grow as readers and writers

and how you can encourage that growth at home.  You will gain practical strategies for supporting your child's literacy, and be introduced to some outstanding children's books.